What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is found in the cannabis plant. Our bodies are wired with a master control system called the Enodcannabinoid System, which is made up of cell receptors that act as messengers giving our body specific directions on what to do. CBD works with these receptors to help regulate chemicals in our bodies which can benefit many different functions, such as anxiety, pain, sleep, and many more.


Everyone can benefit from CBD! CBD is an all-natural product that helps maintain overall health and helps regulate many conditions such as depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and more.


Yes! Our CBD Oils are derived from industrial hemp and are federally legal in all states. Our pharmaceutical-grade CBD is cGMP-compliant which ensures product consistency, purity and potency. This may not be true with other brands that can be ordered online, from your convenience store, etc.


Yes! Our Pet CBD Line is made exclusively for your cat or dog. Benefits include hip & joint mobility, relaxation & comfort, reduction in separation anxiety & noise phobia, and more! Bacon-flavored, easily digestible, and safe for all size pets.

Our Products

300mg & 600mg Drops and Softgels

Our Drops and Softgels are our most popular purchases. Available in 300mg or 600mg drops and 30-count or 60-count bottles.

1,000mg & 2,000mg Drops

We now have 1,000mg and 2,000mg CBD oils in stock! These are ideal for anyone who takes a higher dose of CBD or wants a better value for their money!

THC Free Drops

All of the benefits of CBD plus 0% THC.


Full of benefits for your cat or dog such as: hip & joint mobility, relaxation & comfort, reduction in anxiety & noise phobia, and more!
Bacon-flavored, easily digestible, and safe for all sizes!

Pain Relief Lotion

Our Pain Relief Lotion is PERFECT for those seeking to soothe and repair large areas. Loaded with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and moisturizing properties plus a relaxing aroma!

Pain Relief Roll-On

The 500mg Relief Roll-On is our most potent CBD topical yet! The warming and cooling relief is GREAT for aches and pains and easily thrown in a gym bag or purse! The rollerball applicator also keeps your fingertips product-free!


This deep-healing salve is a blend of 125mg of active cannabinoids infused with non-GMO coconut oil, beeswax, ginger and essential oils.

CBD Bliss Intimate Oil

Formulated by a Female Reproductive Specialist, our Bliss Intimate Oil is made with all-natural ingredients and infused with cannabis compounds. Suger-free and pH balanced!
Achieve faster, easier, and more powerful orgasms with our CBD Bliss Intimate Oil.

Lot Numbers & Expiration Dates

Since CBD products are new to the market, many companies are getting away with mislabeling their products and claiming to be more concentrated than they actually are, offering a cheaper and low quality product. Our CBD products are true to their labeling and each bottle is backed by a Certificate of Analysis which proves accurate concentration and quality. If you are considering a CBD product, and the packaging does not include a “Lot” number, or your supplier cannot provide a Certificate of Analysis, we do not recommend purchasing.

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