Meet Bob Lomenick, Owner/Pharmacist of G&M Pharmacy in Oxford, MS

Bob Lomenick, RPh

As a 1977 graduate of the Ole Miss School of Pharmacy, Bob Lomenick is proud to have the opportunity to serve in the area. When asked about his return to Oxford, Bob states, “This is a great medical community, and we are excited to bring a lot of unique pharmacy services that will positively impact patient care that have never been available in the Oxford area before.” These innovative services are centered around Bob’s vision of a Medication Synchronization service that enables patients to receive their medications in one convenient monthly trip to the pharmacy. Recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network, he was also appointed as a Luminary for the local chapter of CPESN Mississippi, a network of “high performing” pharmacies that focuses on patient outcomes in addition to “filling prescriptions.”
Due to Bob’s commitment to patient care, he has been active throughout the state and nation in the practice of pharmacy where he is a founding member of the Mississippi Independent Pharmacies Association on which he serves as a Chairman of the board for three years. Currently, he remains an active member of The Mississippi Pharmacist Association and The National Community Pharmacist Association where he is recognized by his peers for his contributions to the profession and is a highly sought-after speaker on the implementation of synchronization services and its impact on medication adherence. Because of Bob’s forward-thinking approach to patient care, he has been honored as a recipient of several awards, including: Upsher-Smith Drug Company Excellence in Innovation Award, McKesson Drug Company Pharmacy of the Year Award, Pharmacy Development Services Entrepreneur of the Year, McKesson Drug Company Entrepreneur of the Year, Pharmacy Development Services Outstanding Leadership Award, and the Pharmacy Times Next Generation Pharmacist Award.
Not relying on his own person success in which he has received the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumnus Award, Bob strives to give back to the community and takes pride in precepting upcoming pharmacists as he remains active with the Ole Miss Pharmacy School where he received his own education. In addition to serving on previous Dean Well’s advisory board, he currently sits on Dean Allen’s Board of Visitors Committee where he proudly manages one of two community residency programs affiliated with the school.
With a vision statement reading, “Beyond just dispensing medications, we strive to help our customers live longer and healthier lives,” Bob and his team are dedicated to adopting this mentality and serving the Oxford community.


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